Whether you need a simple wall panel or a unique complex design our team can build the best designs for our clients and bring your imagination to life. Tulip Precast has over 15 years of experience in architectural precast. We assure the highest quality products in precast. Our unique cutting system gives precast a natural stone finish. Architectural precast combines the beauty and performance of architectural concrete. It is a high-strength material with a low-cost solution, ideal for any project where performance and aesthetics are all crucial factors.


Building face design






All of our concrete columns are poured in halves and are used as enclosures around a steel pole. We offer sizes from 6” to 20” wide with various types of capitals and bases. Our columns can be custom designed in different styles such as classic, roman, modern, spiral and much more. Perfect for interior and exterior home decor. Enhance the look of your home today with precast concrete columns.



Windows surrounds and moldings

Window surrounds or stone moldings (concrete lintels and sills) can add elegance to any home. We offer several different types and styles as well as colors and finishes. We can also do custom precast work on front doors or windows if you would like to design your own profile. Stone moldings add beauty and elegance to any custom home





Precast tiles and moldings

Our thin veneer tiles and moldings can be applied over existing brick or plywood to make your brick home even more glamorous. Our precast tiles and moldings simulate real limestone feel and look.



Ornamental and decorative precast

An assortment of designs that can fit different parts of your home for both interior and exterior. Looking for a design that isn’t available? Contact us today and we can create it for you. Mold charge may apply






Tulip precast offers several unique designed concrete Keystones. A great look to dress up windows at an economical price.



Concrete fireplace

Tulip precast provides beautiful precast interior options for your home such as precast concrete fireplace that has the same look and feel as real limestone! Enhance your home with any of these fine options.





Concrete wall



Concrete stairs